Air Pollution

A medical environment can be meticulous in every other way, but without clean indoor air, the dangers are real. HealthWay technology eliminates bacteria and volatile organic compounds, helping to prevent infection and extended illness.

ApplicationHospital / ClinicKey Benefits• Reducing bio-burden and ultra-fine particulates
• Preventing cross-contamination of diseases
• Better infection control
ProductHealthWay Deluxe P1000

Medical grade with true 99.99% filtration of
ultra-fine particle, bacteria and virus

Core Strength

40 years of innovations, patented DFS technology developed from US Military funding, established our leadership in filtration and disinfection technology, from Whole building to spacious hall to small room; we have the solution for different needs. Our core strength being DFS plasma technology that rivals competition and offers above medical-grade standard, for clean and germ-free air.

Key Features

– 99.99% filtration efficiency of upto 0.007µm particulate
– patent DFS plasma technology generates 16~18kV energy instantly dehydrate micro-organism and breakdown VOCs molecules;
– high power turbo engine create suction vacuum at 450m3/h creates additional ventilation
– DFS+HEPA outperform common HEPA air-purifier by multiples


– clean fresh air with 90% of common dust, allergent, VOCs and odour filtered within 40mins;
– DFS true disinfection reduces COVID airborne transmission risk;
– better protection for baby, elderly or recovering patient due to lowered immune system
– remove harmful VOCs, odour and formaldehyde for better health;
– improve allergy or respiratory sensitivities due to poor air quality

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